There are many advantages to bringing your child to a pediatric dentist. During her two year residency, Dr. Laura was trained in behavior management based in research and science to reduce the need for more significant sedation. Every child’s needs are different and need to be evaluated on an individual basis. We want the child to have nothing but positive experiences at the dental office, even when significant treatment is required. There is a continuum of sedation that is accurately prescribed by Dr. Laura based on years of training. All levels of sedation require parents to adhere to strict guidelines prior to arrival at the office, and we will review those instructions thoroughly prior to any level of sedation being used with your child.

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Nitrous oxide, sometimes referred to as laughing gas, is a helpful tool that we frequently use to help children relax. It is breathed in and out through a scented mask that rests gently over the nose. Children on laughing gas do not fall asleep and are able to communicate clearly. Laughing gas is a safe, fast-acting, and effective way to make an appointment more enjoyable.

Oral Sedation

When a child needs more than just nitrous oxide to get through treatment safely, a sedative medication can be given to help relax the child further. We will administer the medication to the child at our office and allow it to take effect in the dental chair in a quiet, calming environment.