What to Do When Your Child’s 6-Year Molars Are Erupting

What to Do When Your Child's 6-Year Molars Are Erupting

Every parent’s first experience with their child’s teeth occurs when they’re still infants and their first, baby teeth begin coming in. At around age 6, children start shedding their deciduous teeth to make room for their permanent teeth to come in. At this time, the six-year molars also erupt.

What Are Six-Year Molars?

The six-year molars are permanent, adult teeth that begin to erupt just behind a child’s second or second-year molars at around age six.
Since these teeth are new growth, they will not fall out and be replaced by new teeth like your child’s baby teeth. So, it’s important to help your child understand the importance of caring for them well since they’ll have their six-year molars for life.

Symptoms Your Child Might Experience

When the new molars are close to coming in, your child might experience some gum discomfort for about a week. As the new tooth erupts, your child might experience the following symptoms:
Most often, molars come in without any complications. Children, however, can develop an infection as their new teeth erupt. If your child has any pus, discomfort lasting more than a week, or persistent fever, schedule a doctor’s appointment right away.

How to Alleviate the Symptoms of Molar Eruptions

Thankfully, there are some steps you can take to can help your child get some relief from the discomfort of getting a new molar.

Caring for Your Child's New, Permanent Molars

Teaching your child proper oral hygiene habits is essential to keeping their teeth and six-year molars healthy for life. Show them the proper ways to brush their teeth and floss.
Plus, it’s important to bring them to the dentist for a checkup and preventative dental care treatments like fluoride applications and sealants that can make molars easier to clean and help protect them from the bacteria and acid that cause tooth decay.
To learn more about six-year molars and preventative dental care that can keep your child’s teeth healthy for life, we welcome you to schedule an appointment with Dr. Stewart at Kenmore Pediatric Dentistry.