Six-Year-Old Molars: What to Expect and How to Handle the Symptoms

Six-Year-Old Molars: What to Expect and How to Handle the Symptoms

From infancy through young adulthood, children undergo countless changes as their bodies grow and develop. Several of these changes include oral health milestones, such as the six-year molars.

What Are Six-Year Molars?

The six-year molars are the first set of permanent teeth to erupt without replacing any primary (baby) teeth. For most children, the six-year molars are a big milestone and a new experience because they usually do not remember the process of having their baby teeth come in and erupt through the gum tissue.
For most children, this first set of permanent molars erupt around age six or seven, and this is why they are often called “six-year molars.” Some children’s six-year molars erupt before they’ve lost any baby teeth. Other children’s six-year molars come in after they’ve lost several baby teeth. It’s different for every child, and the exact timing is largely dictated by genetics.

Six-Year Molars Symptoms

The eruption of a child’s six-year molars can result in some uncomfortable symptoms such as:
Symptoms typically last for about a week. You should also keep a close eye on your child for signs of infection, as this is a possible complication. Signs of infection include severe swelling, significant fever, and/or pus near the erupting tooth.

Pain Relief for Six-Year-Old Molars

To help manage your child’s symptoms:
If you notice any signs of infection or if your child’s symptoms are severe, we strongly recommend scheduling a dental appointment or an examination with your child’s pediatrician.

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